Current Projects



A raw photographic depiction of Nick’s deteriorating emotional and mental state, following the loss of three important people in his life. The death of his mother, father, child and the desertion of his wife. Shot in black and white, these images capture a shocking pictorial event deemed by Nick as the only solution for his pain.


Explores the emotions and chaotic thought process of Nick as he considered, planned and pictorially documented his attempted suicide.


Examining the broken pieces of his fractured life, Nick analyses how he allowed himself to be restricted and unfulfilled, emotionally, mentally, physically, and professionally for a large part of his life.


Centred around the enforced dismemberment of Nick’s life, these images capture the rancid stench of a love turned to hatred, anger and his oppressed voice of reason.


These images open up a chasm of exploration and experimentation, previously oppressed and denied from Nick.


Nick captures the idiosyncrasy of modern day life and it’s stereotypical behaviours evident in our society that weaken values and morals to create a delusional lifestyle.

All of the above Dark Art projects are a total step away from the rock photography that Nick is renowned for. These projects will be featured as exhibitions across the UK Europe and USA at selected fine art galleries in the near future.

“Through these images, I allowed myself to rediscover the person I used to be. Having been creatively restrained for a large part of my life, I now find myself able to grow and develop my freedom of expression. My conceptional Dark Art projects portray my emotional journey to empowerment and allows me to push the boundaries of my art each day without fear of retribution or oppression. I have a renewed energy and deeper passion for creating my art work.” Nick Elliott


Andy Blithe (ATURN FILMS) and Nick have paired up to film a series for TV and social media, documenting the pair travelling around Norfolk visiting unique local tourist attractions and clubs. Travelling around in a motorhome called ‘Penthouse One’ and a boat, ‘Penthouse Two’, the boys visit lesser-known attractions that the Norfolk county has to offer. Contains comedy and humour, bringing laughter and mayhem to the locals of Norfolk as they rediscover the modern delights of the county in their naughty exclusive style. Attractions range from fetish clubs, sword fighting and ghost hunting. Ongoing filming around Norfolk is produced by Aturn Films. 

“This is such an exciting project working with Andy on a TV show, it’s two friends having a lot of fun whilst exploring the wonderful county of Norfolk.” Nick Elliott.


A revealing one hour documentary charting the life of Nick Elliott, filming on location throughout the UK. Produced and directed by the talented Andy Blithe of ATurn Films, recording the unique and enviable life of world-renowned rock art photographer Nick Elliott. Includes interviews and actual footage of Nick working and on tour. In this revealing documentary Nick discusses his childhood, events that have shaped his life, art, his passage into photography, backstage life of the music industry and what drives him to produce some of the most iconic pieces of rock art. A no holds barred in depth recollection of this colourful life. Ongoing filming, to be released on terrestrial TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix and selected cinemas across the UK.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Andy, he’s such a talented and professional filmmaker and we are really great friends too.” Nick Elliott


An audience with Nick Elliott. The tour will compromise of ticketed theatre shows across several US States at prestigious venues under the guidance of Nick’s US Management Company, Workhorse 615. The shows will hear Nick recounting recollections of backstage life, anecdotes, insights from his illustrious Rock Photography career, and his private life that has shaped him into the person he is today. No subject will be taboo, before taking questions from the audience. As part of the tour Nick will also be attending book signings, intimate guest appearances, radio, TV shows and interviews. Andy Blithe (Aturn Films) will accompany Nick to continue the filming of ‘Nick Elliott - The Story So Far’.

“I can’t wait to get back to the USA.” Nick Elliott


Managed by Nick’s UK Management Company Django, under the reassuringly professional guidance of Lee Williams. Essentially the same format as the UK to USA tour. Venues across the UK are now being booked since the easing of lockdown. Tours to begin in late 2022. Official tour dates to be released later on in 2021.

“This is really exciting, I’m totally mad for it, it’s always a pleasure to work with Lee.” Nick Elliott


Nick is in the process of producing three more fine art publications. These will be presented as limited edition fine art coffee table books. Containing hundreds of unseen rock art images from his archival collection. This exclusive American collection of rock images include Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, Michael Schenker, and Iron Maiden to name a few. The books will be released exclusively in conjunction with Nick’s US and UK tours and be personally signed by Nick.

“It’s been a great opportunity to visit my rock archive.” Nick Elliott


Nick’s first virtual exhibition will display a large selection of his fine art creations, spanning from unseen rock photography to some of his controversial conceptual dark art images. Selected galleries across the UK are ready to host it’s first showing before it’s released onto selected internet platforms. Filmed by Aturn Films, many of Nick’s collectors and new clients will have the unique opportunity to experience many previous unseen works of art displayed in the most innovative way possible.

“We are continuing to find ways to bring the creative industry into people’s homes to keep it alive in such times.” Nick Elliott


Commissioned projects with musician Jon Loser Peach and up-and-coming band Dead Reynolds. Nick’s documentaries are a pictorial documentation of two new up-and-coming musical performance/song writers, John Loser Peach, a unique rock singer from Yarmouth, and Dead Reynolds, a rock band from Cambridge. The finished images will be compiled into a fine art photography book. Nick has just completed similar projects with Earl Slick and Ed Graham, and production of these publications is underway. The rockumentaries also include the production of commissioned album artwork for the artists’ new albums.

“Looking forward to moving these projects along now lockdown has been relaxed. They are beginning to grow in content which is very exciting.” Nick Elliott


The development of a new media/production company with working partner Andy Blithe (Aturn Films), providing services for corporate organisations and individual commissioned projects. Services will include music videos, adverts, short films, still photography, social media, promos, profiles, documentaries, rockumentaries, and aerial film footage.  

“I’m looking forward to the partnership between Andy and I. Our new company is still in the infancy stage at the moment, but I think it will bring some exciting new projects to work on. The dynamics between us is very good, that helps to produce excellent results together.” Nick Elliott