'One Roll’ Is a conceptional fine art photographic project devised out of the mind and lens of Nick Elliott rock art photographer.

This project entails a unique selection of celebrity portraits, as you have never seen them before.

The finished fine art photographic book will be available to purchase via his official website and selected outlets.

Donations, and contributions from the sale of the ‘One Roll’ will help Nick raise £2500 for Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Ongoing sales of the ‘One Roll’ publication will hopefully surpass Nick’s initial target.

Raising much needed funding for such an important charity as Pancreatic Cancer Action is very close to Nicks heart. Coral Elliott, Nick‘s beloved mother, lost her brave battle against pancreatic cancer at the age of 64, only 12 weeks after her initial diagnosis.

Every year 9000 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the UK, it is steadily becoming one of the largest cancer fatalities in England, with nearly 8000 deaths every year donations to Pancreatic Cancer Action helps focus on improving survival rates through early diagnosis.

All donations can be made via Nicks ‘One Roll’ Just Giving page. 

The ‘One Roll’ publication can be purchased at Nicks official website,

“Every year 9000 families go through the heartache that our family went through when my beautiful mum was diagnosed and died soon afterwards. Early diagnosis improves outcomes and survival rates. Let’s work together to raise donations and save lives!”

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer 

All donations are made via Nick's Just Giving Page.



Coral Elliott