Three Weeks One Summer

Three Weeks One Summer

About The Book

This limited edition, fine art, coffee-table book features a collection of world renowned rock photographer Nick Elliott’s favourite images shot for The Marmalade's Penultimate project over the Summer of 2013. Penultimate included a CD, DVD, and vinyl record with promotional booklet.

This 132 page, high quality, hard-backed book is the culmination of that work and features a collection of unseen, intimate images of the band including backstage preparing for a show, onstage performing, enjoying some down-time and meeting and greeting their fans.

Talking about the book, Nick said: 

“This is a true milestone in my career – to be able to create the images for the content of this book and produce it under my own publishing company, has made a very big, lifetime ambition come true.

“Shooting the Penultimate project with such a great bunch of guys was just wonderful. It was a great period of time to work on something so special plus…it was a big barrel of fun!”

Strictly limited to 250 worldwide and signed by Nick Elliott.


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What The Marmalade Say

“To work with Nick is unique! He paints pictures from behind the camera that capture the nature of the subject matter. I've worked with many, but never someone like Nick, who brings artistry to photography....and makes it fun! I'm proud to have been captured!"  Sandy Newman

"The jolly boys outings to the seaside for the photos were a hoot...Took me weeks to get over the volleyball though." - Alan Holmes

“Hells teeth!! Nick is a dude. Period. Some photographers are particular but don't achieve the result and that's not the case with Nick, you get an iconic picture every time." – John James Newman

"The photographic sessions ? Well when the photographer is more well known than the band you're in, you know you're in for an experience: and we got one!" - Mike Steed

"Another major point on the album was working with nick on the artwork. A fantastic experience and great to work with someone with so much passion and vision for what they do." - Damon Sawyer


What Collectors Say

"My copy arrived today (June 2nd) and have looked through it and it's fantastic. Well presented and put together, nice thick pages with a lovely finish and lovely colourful, clear, photos. Definitely worth the money." - Yvonne Donnelly

"Just had a quick look through the book. Great pictures and I never expected it to be that big. A good buy." - Ann Flynn


The Making Of...

Take a look behind the scenes at: The Making Of...Three Weeks One Summer